In comes prescription sunglasses. You will get all the UV protection you need. You will be able to see all the beauty nature has to offer – both on and off the beach

These sunglasses are great for wearing outdoors any time of the day. They work just fine on the beach. They are great for reading a book beside the pool. And they are ideal for driving in bright sunlight.

You even get lenses with a photochromatic tint. This type of lens will automatically become darker in direct sunlight and once you move indoors they return to a comparatively clear state. If you are enjoying a weekend at the beach house, one of these will enable you to wear your sunglasses the whole day – outdoors as well as indoors.

In terms of available lens types, you should have no problem in getting what you need. Prescription sunglasses are available with multi-focals, bi-focals, for reading glasses or for driving. In short to correct any eye condition that can be corrected by ordinary glasses.

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