There are many types of film conversions available that many people are not aware of. Some people are not aware that any 35mm film or APS can be converted to digital although this is very common. People often do not realize that any film even 110 film can be made digital. This is even true of slides, which most people do not realize is also a type of film that can be made digital or even into photos.

Some people still do not realize that they can easily convert their 35mm or APS film to a digital format. This is actually a very common type of film conversion. Most people take advantage of this at the same time they have their film developed. People are not often very aware of how the process actually works especially when they have a disposable camera. The film is merely inside the plastic casing which must be torn apart. The casing is then recycled while the film is then developed. After that the film is in a stable place and can be manipulated in many ways. It can be made into pictures or merely scanned and made into digital copies. Film conversion has advanced so far in modern days that anything is possible.

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