5) Use kids time on the computer as a learning tool.

Kids are almost always on the computer when they re not out. Instead of violent or action games, why not find educational games for them, which allow them to learn while they have fun? Plus, there are loads of sites for kids, which have articles, stories, and some even allow kids to create their own storylines, with characters and graphics. Direct their energy towards creative avenues – It ll have its own reward.
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6) Try an online program.

We know kids are busy, and don t like the idea of taking time out for studies during the summer. Think of an online program, which doesn t tie them to a schedule, but takes only some of their time for which they are already online, and allows them to learn. Several programs for math and reading are available which address this need. Kids are relatively easier to convince when it comes to learning online than from a book, and they might enjoy learning on their own rather than asking around – It s great for their confidence. A variety of websites have specific programs designed to prepare kids for next year, and keep parents involved… try some out!

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