Otherwise, this is a great way to charge your batteries!

Listen to Rock Music

Energizing music is a great way to give yourself a boost. If you don’t fancy rock music, start with something low tempo and then gradually work your way up to faster tracks.

That’s a pretty tall order but using the aforementioned ‘kaizen’ approach, we should see that it’s relatively possible to gradually introduce change that starts small and eventually becomes all encompassing. But before we go on, perhaps I should explain what I mean by ‘change everything’. Why do you need to change everything if all you want to do is get a little more energy?

Let’s take a look at one example and use that as a microcosmic example of why it doesn’t work to try and change one aspect of your health and lifestyle in a vacuum.

Why You’ve Failed to Get Into Shape

If you’re like an awful lot of people, then at some point you have probably tried to get into better shape. That might mean you joined a gym, or perhaps you paid for a training program to get written for you. And if you’re like an awful lot of people, then you may well have failed to stick at the training program or to see the results you wanted. Why is that?

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