But, I, like most others find my dearest love in the bedroom, being tucked in flannel sheets. This is the way the sandman intended us to sleep, not in silk, satin or Egyptian cotton, but flannel. Being wrapped in this level of softness will bring to your sleep a dreamworld unsurpassed.

I share these treats to you in hopes to share the love. While I find satisfaction in hoping that you will also love these things, greater satisfaction would be that you find all that you love for yourself this February. To be loved and in turn find love in anyway we can, I’m sure would make St. Valentine happy.

The fact that so many people are opting for online programs over regular classroom based education might suggest that there is some merit to this mode of learning. And for some students, there is a great deal to be gained: Whether it is a much wanted promotion at work or a career shift you are looking for, distance learning programs can help you achieve your objectives without throwing your current lifestyle off balance.

But distance education is not for everyone. The following are some pros and cons to help you decide whether or not online education makes sense for you.

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