First and foremost is that in this online world information is quickly shared; whilst on one hand it is advantageous on the other hand it might involve infringements of copyrights and unlawful dissemination of information. In the online world unless you protect your information it is not yours at all. The same applies true of your identity and unless you protect it diligently fraudulent people might misuse it.

It is wrong to assume that DRM needs to be applied only to outgoing company communication. Document security is a must even for internal company communication. In fact it enables one to secure content for internal company use (sharing company information amongst employees), external company use (sharing information with third parties, resellers, etc.), and for those selling content (financial data, medical reports, etc.). Often encryption seems to be a solution but in reality it is not so. Once the information is decrypted one can do whatever one likes with it. It is precisely at this stage that DRM comes to use as it prevents the unauthorized use of information even after it is decrypted. The protection solution cannot use passwords since these can be easily compromised by password crackers and shared. For these companies a DRM provider company named LockLizard comes as a boon. It provides comprehensive security options for a lot of file types like PDF, e books, flash content etc.

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