Several Halloween games I know are just differentiations of exiting party games. We have the Halloween musical chairs and the freeze dance. Both I certain you already know. It doesn’t hurt to be a little creative with your chairs. You can simply make the kids feel it is a Halloween game it you make the chairs ghoulish looking like maybe making them appear like tombstones or using darker colored chairs and adding some cobwebs.

And don’t forget the music. You can simply find Halloween music in the nearest record store or in the Net. For further delight, you can ask the kids to dance in a monastery or ghoulish sort of way. You can even give a prize to the kid that may give the best monster dance.

Remember to give prizes to your game winners. This will inspire them to participate into the kid that will give the best monster dance.

Dont forget to give prizes to your game winners. This could encourage them to participate in the next games.

Another game which appears to popular is the building a scarecrow game. This involves having many groups of youngsters make their won scarecrow using pillow cases, old clothes, newspapers, card boards, tapes or adhesives, and markers. You will have to prepare some old clothes for this one. The youngsters will certainly enjoy making something that often sees in television and books.

You may also have a Halloween candy hunt which basically is a variation of the Easter egg hunt. By this time, we just hope that the kids haven’t discovered yet the candies you hid around the area.

Remember to have a frightening story telling time also. Ask one of your guests or buddies to inform a story to the children at the party. Avoid making the story too scary though.

There are other ghoulish Halloween party games that may still do. Just remember this is the youngsters day and your aim is to have them enjoy the day.

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