Ahoy, mateys! Or, is that mateyresses? It’s not just boys who want to live the pirate’s life, you know. Adventure, danger, and treasure all around can be every girl’s with Pink Skull. With Pink Skull birthday supplies you’ll have a rip-roarin’ celebration. Invite all the scurvy knaves and knaveresses from the seven seas to join you.

Let them know where they can find buried treasure with Pink Skull Invitations. X marks the spot where the biggest chest is waiting. These cards are pretty in pink and feature that distinctive Skull and Crossbones. Everyone will know how to navigate to your party with one of these in hand.

Your birthday party piratess will be dressed for the occasion if you select a Juniors Pink Skull Pirate Costume. This 3-piece set includes a pirate hat with applique, dress with lace-up bodice, and matching panties. It’s made of comfortable polyester, cotton, and spandex, and also makes a great costume for Halloween.

Be sure to order some Pink Skull Knee Socks to go with it, of course. Designed to match the Pirate Costume, they’re made of combined acrylic, nylon, and spandex. They’re easy to hand wash and one size fits most junior and misses sizes.

The Coin Purse makes for a great accessory for the costume, as well as a superb gift for all the pirate girls who come to the party. It has a zipper in back and an attached clip to make opening and carrying easy. A girl needs someplace to keep her treasure, no?

For the younger pirate crew the Pink Skull T-Shirt works perfectly. This glittery skull shirt comes in a variety of sizes from 5/6 to 10/12. Each one sports the same incredible Pink Skull design. Made of pure cotton, it’s ultra comfortable. It’s machine washable, too. Just toss it in with the rest of the laundry. The T-shirt is a great prize to hand out at birthday party games, too.

Now call all the scoundrels to the refreshment table to admire the Pink Skull Centerpiece. This is the island location where dessert treasures await for everyone who took part in the raid. While they’re waiting for the scullery maid to serve them, keep them entertained with a Grow-Your-Own Pink Skull. The 1 1/2andquot; magic skull grows six times larger in a bowl of water. Dry it out, then do the magic trick all over again.

You know how restless pirates can get unless there’s treasure on the horizon. Be sure to have on hand a Pink Skull Favor Purse for each member of the crew. It holds lots of loot. Each box includes cellphone lip gloss, a notepad, a lipstick-shaped pen, 2 glitter bracelets, and a faux-pearl necklace. It even comes with assorted body crystals for that final touch of pirate glamor.

Select the Pink Skull Deluxe Pack for all the plates, cups, forks, napkins and more that you need to make serving refreshments easy. You’ll also get crepe paper rolls, curling ribbon, balloons, and more for great pirate birthday decorations. Who knew being a Pirate Queen was so simple?

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