2. Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walkers can provide your dose of fun not just to enhance your party or your event but they also serve perfectly for photo opportunities. They are garbed in colorful attires and costumes representing flowers, Chinese girls, genies, pirates, White Ice fairies, Frankenstein, futuristic stilt walkers and many other characters fit to anyoneandrsquo;s wild imagination.

3. Living Tables

What can be catchier than Famous Funandrsquo;s Living Tables range where in real functional tables move about, offer food and drinks, and entertain at the same time. This live performance and unique party favor is one that makes Flaming Fun as one of the best event entertainment agency there is all over UK.

4. Fire and Flame Acts, Shows and Dancers

Start your party ablaze with the always-entertaining fire and flame acts. They are performed professionally by dancers and artists who create more than simple amazement and magic with fire. Your guests, young or old, will surely be entertained fully.

5. Look-Alikes

Bless your special event with a special guest that will surely be the talk of the town. You can choose to have John Lennon, Inspector Clouseau, Austin Powers, Frank Sinatra, Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera, Sean Connery, ABBA, Charlie Chaplin, and even Robbie Wiliams look-alikes to grace your gathering.

6. Face and Body Painting or henna Tattoo

Whether you are in for a cool childrenandrsquo;s party or a hip adult event, face and body painting or henna tattoo sessions can make everyoneandrsquo;s day. For childrenandrsquo;s parties, face painting seems to be an undying attraction. For teens, henna tattoos can express and impress. For adult parties, what could be more exciting than having someone walk about with only body paint as cover?

There are many more entertainment ideas offered by Flaming Fun event entertainment agency. What was mentioned above are the most sought after. Make sure your parties and events are provided with a full-blooded and real type of entertainment by choosing one or a combination of the available ideas.

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