CompTIA is a global provider of seller impartial IT certifications, which includes the famous A+, Network+, Security+ certifications. Most, if no longer all, CompTIA certifications are access-degree attracting students and those new to the IT discipline.

The biggest gain of CompTIA certs is that they’re no longer certain to a specific generation, like Microsoft, Cisco, VMware or other vendor unique certifications. They’re also a good manner for beginners to get a begin inside the IT subject.

But are CompTIA certs worth it?


Everyone and their Grandma has one …
Are CompTIA Certifications Worthless?Many aspiring IT professionals are worried that the entry-level certs just may not get them anywhere. The common grievance is that there are already too many human beings with CompTIA certs and the substantial fear is that the certifications CompTIA Security+ are too primary.

Others worry that CompTIA certifications might not help them get a task or a advertising; it is difficult for them to see the advantages of a certification that calls for money and time and doesn’t offer to set them other than other IT pros within the discipline.

These may seem like disadvantages for CompTIA candidates, however the blessings that the certifications deliver outweigh those issues. Ask any a hit IT expert and possibilities he began his profession with at the least one CompTIA certification.

A discussion board publish I recently study asked:


“I recognise every body and their grandma has one and I’ve personally heard from a few people that CompTIA certifications are not worth a great deal. What do you guys assume?”
The overwhelming response from the community changed into that CompTIA certifications aren’t most effective really worth it, they “look good for your resume,” “provide you with an edge whilst making use of for jobs,” and “are a prerequisite to apply for many roles.”

Clearly, those who have accomplished CompTIA certifications aren’t regretting their decisions. Let’s check a number of the real blessings CompTIA certifications deliver to the table.



Benefits of CompTIA Certifications

Build a Solid Foundation of Knowledge and Skills
CompTIA certifications assist candidates construct a stable foundation of essentials information and talents that will help them improve their careers. Starting at a higher certification stage may appear to be a timesaver, but regularly this may absolutely put off your progress because you are missing the necessary basics. It’s like skipping algebra and going instantly for calculus, it just may not paintings.


Get Extra Credit
Companies including Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, HP and different understand some CompTIA certification (just like the A+ and Network+) in their personal certification tracks and a few schools and universities offer college credit score for college students who gain CompTIA certifications.


Increase Your Salary and Find New Career Opportunities
Many companies and organizations have made CompTIA certifications obligatory for sure positions and lots of activity ads listing the certs as basic necessities. Surveys additionally display that certified professionals earn extra on average than non-licensed IT pros inside the identical roles.


Build Your Confidence and Credibility
But probably the greatest advantage of CompTIA certifications, specifically for folks that are new to the IT discipline, is increasing your personal private confidence. By achieving a certification you gain proof that you surely recognise what you’re speakme approximately, which gives you more credibility and determination to increase your career.


Job Opportunities for CompTIA Candidates
So what types of jobs will you be able to apply for and feel assured in reaching with CompTIA certifications underneath your belt? Well, that depends on which certifications you begin with. Let’s check three of the maximum popular alternatives:


CompTIA A+
With the A+ certification you may be able to observe for jobs as a computer technician, technical support consultant, assist desk expert, printer restore technician and other similar opportunities. Some companies, like CompuCom and Ricoh, have made CompTIA A+ certification mandatory for their service technicians.

See extra records at the A+ certification.


CompTIA Network+
The Network+ certification opens up even greater task opportunities permitting you to work as a network administrator (usually on the jr degree), community engineer, network technician, and other comparable positions. Also, remember the fact that Microsoft, Novell, Cisco and HP also recognize CompTIA Network+ as a part of their certification tracks.

Here’s greater information on the Network+ certification.


CompTIA Security+
The Security+ certification permits you to use for a few of the jobs that require a safety clearance; you may be able to paintings as a security analyst, safety professional, community security engineer and greater. Many businesses which includes Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Motorola, Symantec, in addition to the U.S. Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines employ Security+ certified people.

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