Changing your Wi-Fi community name and password is a simple and vital way to keep your devices comfortable, however it may also be a chunk daunting. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter when you have Xfinity, AT&T, or some other service provider—the stairs to converting your Wi-Fi settings are the same. The method is also similar across special router producers, like NETGEAR or TP-Link.

Jump menu: Update password on standalone routers and wi-fi gateways the use of your ISP’s app

Update password on standalone routers and wireless gateways
The entire procedure of converting your Wi-Fi community name and password may be broken down into four essential steps:

Get your router’s IP cope with.
Log in to your router the use of a trendy browser.
Set up your wi-fi network.
Test your new network configuration.
These steps are pretty easy, but there’s a piece of variant depending on various factors, like what type of device you’re the usage of to connect. Keep analyzing for a extra specific breakdown of those steps.

Pro tip:

All standalone routers and wi-fi gateways offer an internet interface so that you can change the settings. However, your router’s manufacturer may additionally offer a cell app that lets in you to trade the community name and password without problems from your telephone or pill. Use the cell app if to be had and then bypass ahead to the testing portion of this manual.

Get your router’s IP deal with
The first step is to hook up with your router so you can get right of entry to its settings.

Part 1: Connect wirelessly or with a cable
If you’re putting in a brand new router for the first time, there’s normally an Ethernet cable within the field that will permit you to join a device without delay for your router. This might be the very best manner to set things up, however on occasion this gained’t paintings. Many slender laptops, like MacBooks, don’t have Ethernet ports and require a USB adapter for a wired connection to the network. Sometimes it’s greater handy to apply a cellphone or other mobile tool.

To connect wirelessly, you’ll want the default community call and password in your router. These may be determined within the training guide and from time to time found on the router itself, published on a sticker or label. The community is regularly categorized as the “SSID.”

If you’re converting the settings on a community that’s already installation, you don’t want this default statistics and may simply connect with the community with the call and password you typically use.

Part 2: Find your router’s default IP deal with
Next, you’ll need the IP deal with in your router. There are numerous ways to do this, depending on what sort of tool you’re using:

Windows 10
macOS Big Sur
iOS 14/iPadOS 14
Windows 10
You can use the IPCONFIG command to get the IP deal with. To do this, comply with those steps:

Windows 10 Get Router Address
Step 1: Right-click on on the Start button and select Windows PowerShell on the Power User Menu.

Step 2: Type the command “IPCONFIG” into Windows PowerShell and press the Enter key.

Step 3: Write down the wide variety indexed subsequent to Default Gateway.

MacOS Big Sur

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